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Plug-and-play, no code live data visuals for Publishers. Monetize your content & improve SEO.

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10,000+ cryptocurrencies, 250+ stock exchanges, 20+ alternative assets

Up to the minute performance data & fundamentals thousands of cryptocurrencies, stocks and alternative assets such as Fine Art, Wine, Sports Cards, US Farmland, Commodities and more. 

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Increase your affiliate revenue

Access our data and ever-expanding library of data visuals, and make more at the same time. Use YOUR affiliate link and keep 100% of the profits. 

Real-Time Financial Data

Add live financial data to your website or app for every financial market and all asset classes

  • Display the data you WANT

    • Zero technical expertise necessary
    • Zero coding required
    • Copy and paste directly to your site
    • Customized design to match your site
  • Find all the data you NEED

    • Stocks from over 250 exchanges
    • More than 10,000 cryptocurrencies
    • The latest NFT sales, collections and markets
    • Alternative asset classes not found anywhere else

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